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January 2014

Teen Suicide

by Staff

If you are a parent of a teenager, you know that there are many things out there to be concerned with. You worry about drugs and alcohol, depression, sex, grades, college and a whole list of other things when it comes to your child. But you likely already know the teen suicide statistics and the unfortunate reality that many teens see no other way out.

You can find more information on teen suicide and teen suicide facts from teen suicide articles and other sources. There are many sources and support groups on the internet to help teens and parents of teens that may be facing suicide. Too many teens feel they have no other way out and turn to suicide. For others, suicide attempts are a way to get attention from a world they think is overlooking them. It is a way of saying “look at me, I need your help!”

You should always take teen suicide attempts or threats seriously and do whatever it takes to help your child. If you have reason to suspect your teenager might be depressed or suicidal, you need to act quickly.

Teen Suicide Prevention

Teen suicide prevention involves knowing what actually causes the depression and suicidal tendencies and trying to prevent that. The most important way to prevent it is to try to keep the teen busy, occupied and feeling worthwhile. Self-esteem boosters are very important.

Also, if you feel your teen is depressed or considering suicide, you need to get them help. Help your child talk to someone, take your child to a doctor or somehow get professional help. You also need to be sure if you have a suicidal teen you do not leave anything out and around that the teen would be tempted to use such as guns and other weapons and pills and medications, etc. You should not leave a suicidal teen home alone. Try to connect with your teen and help them through their darkness. Staff