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April 2011

Teen Mothers from Massachusetts Need Help From Their Parents

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Thanks to lack of good parenting or whatever other reason it is, kids today act less responsible and manage to get themselves and their parents in trouble very often. One of those problems is premature sex and teen pregnancy, although the sexual education is no longer a taboo topic. One thoughtless act and teens happen to be parents before they planed it and more then often their parents get into situation where they have to take care of their kid and grandchild.

This is not an isolated case in Massachusetts; in fact, it is becoming quite a problem. Many teen girls get pregnant and left alone as teen boys are scared for this kind of commitment. Well, teen mothers are scared too, and they need support and as much help as they can get. They often drop put of school and rarely go back to finish their education.

This results in other social and economical problem who became mothers when they were too young. They don’t have many options for employment and career, take any kind of job they can without proper pay and more than often depend on welfare. Massachusetts does have developed welfare but sometimes it is not enough and teen mothers are at risk of not being able to take care of their baby financially.

It is imperative that parents talk to their children about sexual relationship. While they might look too young to the parents, kids might be already thinking of engaging in one. Therefore, parents should not be shy or assume that it is too early for “the talk”, but be open with kids and take actions on time.

Never the less, if they get a grandchild before they were hoping for one, they can’t despair. Teen mothers need support of their parents in order to raise a healthy child of their own and keep themselves healthy, too. Many parents feel angry and disappointed, but they can work on it and overwhelm these feelings, for the sake of their child and grandchild.

Sometimes, a new family member and the new situation itself can disturb family harmony and shake relationship between parents and child or among parents. It is not uncommon that one parent feel joy about the newcomer while other can’t accept what happened and refuse to be happy about it.

Family counselors can be helpful in this situation, or some other neutral third party. Parents will need all the help they can get with new duties of parenting and grand parenting. They will require new skills and will have more troubles and concerns than before, but all can be achieved with a little patience, love and hard work. Staff