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April 2011

Several Tips for Michigan Parents on Disciplining Children

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A good parent is involved parent. A good parent knows his or her children. When you know your child, his desires and needs, the way he is thinking and reacting, it will be easier for you to discipline your child properly.   Michigan parents should choose a correct method to discipline children, as there are many methods for raising kids, depending on your way of life and specificity of your…



January 2011

Parenting Teens – Parenting your Teens to Success

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Being a parent is a full time job that can get out of control sometimes, which usually happen when our kids enter the teen years. Parenting teens is a very demanding job that requires our attention at all times. Teens are developing and they are ready to experiment, this is the most confusing period in their life, which is exactly why we need to help them through this period and…



November 2010

Raising Children – Tips for Parents

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Most parents have to deal with lack of time and dedication for raising their children, in return we get wild teens that have no respect for the authority and are easily swayed, in most cases gullible. So how do we raise teens of character that will know how to deal with issues on their own, so that when our children become teens we wouldn’t have to babysit them…