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April 2011

Simple but Good Parenting Tips on Raising Maryland Children

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Teen parenting is tough for parents, but this age is tough for children too. It can be confusing and challenging for both of them. Kids are stuck in a middle of child’s age and adulthood, not sure what they are, and parents are not sure how to treat them and how much responsibilities and freedom should they give their children. This is a common doubt for many Maryland parents, who are often uncertain of how they should raise their teens in a proper way, for the best results.

Here are some good parenting tips, which can help many parents resolve their dilemmas:

- You can never love your child enough. Make sure that you show your teen that you love him or her every day. If they are not little kids anymore, it does not mean they should not enjoy your tenderness anymore. Love does not spoil children, giving material things they did not earn and lowering expectation do.

- Be a good model. Whatever you do it affects your child, so keep this in mind before you take actions. Every day tell yourself that it matters what you do. This can be your motivation to improve yourself and become a better person and a better parent. Parenting teens is about showing, not telling. 

- Explain your actions. Sometimes, your child might not understand what you do and take it the wrong way or think that it is ok for him to do it to, like drinking for example. It is important that child understand what things are meant for kids, and what for adults only. It is also important they understand your decisions and rules you make. Carefully explain to them why you chose a certain type of discipline, so it would have desirable effects.

- Make the rules and stick to them. Every family from Maryland should have it’s own set of rules, and all members should follow them. You can’t expect your child to behave if you are the first who break the rules. This will also help you manage your child’s behavior while he is young. It will help your child when the times come to manage his own behavior.

- Be involved in your child’s life. This is a basic tip for parents. It can mean that you have to sacrifice some of your time for yourself, but it is crucial that you are present in all aspects of your teen’s life. Your child needs guidance and someone to be there for him through tough periods. If you let him deal with problems on his own, you can’t be sure that he will make all the right choices.

- Communication and positive discipline are very important. Avoid physical punishment, yelling and humiliation of your children. These are negative aspects of parenting. No matter how hard it is, you have to remain calm and parent with patient and wisdom, not with fear. Respect has to be earned, not forced. Staff