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January 2014

Peer Pressure

by Staff

Teen peer pressure is the influence that children that are the same age, or near the same age, have on each other. Peer pressure can be both good and bad depending on what group of kids your child is in with, troubled teens that are involved in gang members, drug, and alcohol will create bad peer pressure, while well adjusted children with families that are involved in sports and other activities can be good. Encourage your child to be friends with kids who have a positive effect on them, to make it easier for them to stay on the right track.

Why do kids give into peer pressure?

Everyone wants to be liked and popular, if your child feels out of place or not accepted for what ever reason, they may give into peer pressure to fit in and have friends. Kids worry about what other kids think, even if they say they don’t. They don’t want to be the joke of the school having others make fun of them, so they give in and skip school, or they will be mean to someone for no real good reason. They may try that cigarette or sip of alcohol, just to have friends and fit in.

Deal with peer pressure, walk away

Be strong and have confidence in your self and you can say no to things you know are wrong, things that can hurt you emotionally, physically, and even mentally. Follow what you know is the best thing to do, follow what is in your heart, not what someone else wants you to feel. They may have problems you know nothing about and could want others to join them in their pain. Having a friend that you have a lot in common with, one that you can agree on the same things with, will help you to walk away from peer pressure. Just knowing you are not trying to do what’s right all alone will help. If you get to know someone before you make them your best friend, it can save you a lot of trouble later, so choose your friends carefully.

If you find that most of the people you hang out with are doing things to get in trouble or things that can hurt them stop putting yourself in that position, find new places to hang out and new people to hang out with, get to know a new group of kids. Staff