Resources for parents of at-risk and troubled teens.



January 2014

Options for Troubled Teens

by Staff

Troubled teens are teenagers whose lives have gotten out of control. They may be using drugs and alcohol. These teens may be getting in trouble with the law by stealing or vandalizing, or they may be allowing a boyfriend or someone else to abuse them and not know which way to turn. These children may have gotten mixed up in a gang they feel they can’t get out of. Troubled teens are any teenager who is involved in things that can ruin their life, or even end it. They may not even realize what shape they are in and that they need help.

Help for troubled teens

If you have a teen that is showing signs of being in trouble, it is important to seek help before it is out of control. If you catch it early enough it may not take long to help them get back on the right track to a long and healthy life.

Schools for troubled teens

A residential school has a full staff of psychiatric personnel to monitor each patient. Insurance may or may not cover this bill, so most of these schools have financial help for parents that can not afford to send their child for help. These schools can cost from $1500 to $9000 a month depending on what they have to offer your child.

A boarding school is a different type of school for troubled teens. They are for teens that need supervision 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Mostly teens with a drug abuse problem or teenage runaways go to a boarding school. It is also a good option for teens with depression and anger problems, or low self esteem problems.

There are two types of boot camp for the troubled teen; they are either a private or a state operated camp. Private camps are for short periods of time, and are used to help a teen get back on track that is not in too bad of shape, the state operated schools are for teens that would otherwise be put in a correctional facility. Both are very similar to military training.

Not only is there boot camp for the troubled teen, but you can send them to a wilderness camp. These camps are designed to help a child to accept responsibility for their actions, teach them survival techniques, and help them with relationship and communication skills. It will teach them how to work with others and how to survive many obstacles.

Help with a troubled teen

These are some of the places that you can send your teen to try and help them get back on the right path, which type of help you seek will depend on how troubled your teen is, and how long they have been that way. The way you help them handle their problems will also depend on if they are using drugs, stealing, or if they have an alcohol problem. Whatever their problem is it is important to get them help before it’s too late, the sooner the better. Staff